Mr. McCain defend yourself.

Barack Obama is constantly telling voters that John McCain is as responsible for the economic meltdown as George Bush is. It’s time to fight that charge and use it against Obama as proof of his inexperience. In these last six days John McCain has to point out again and again and again that the economic crisis is world wide. So far,he has failed to emphasize that.

We all know that McCain is a poor orator. He often stumbles over his lines. He will never be able to use soaring rhetoric. He can,however,attack. He can ridicule. He should keep it simple and say something like this in Pennsylvania:

“Senator Obama is obsessed with George Bush. As a result,he is blind to the fact that our country is not the only one suffering from an economic crisis. This crisis is world wide. Is George Bush the leader of Japan? Is George Bush the leader of Germany? To hear Mr. Obama’s speeches you would think so. My friends,the economies of Europe,Japan and the Middle East are all in trouble. Mr. Obama is simply too inexperienced and his economic theories are too radical to lift our economy out of the doldrums. His theories are too radical to help our allies recover from their economic stagnation. “Spread the Wealth” around is not a solution. It is a formula for disaster. Even our enemies are being hit hard by the world wide economic crisis. Iran’s economy is in real trouble right now. Iran’s President collapsed from exhaustion just three days ago because he has been desperately trying to solve their problems. Mr. Obama,do you truly believe that the Iranians listened to George Bush? They despise him,Senator !

If Mr. Obama is so blind to what’s going on in the world,how is he going to fix our economy? He won’t ! You think we’re in trouble now,folks? Just wait and see what happens if Mr. Obama is elected. He will make the Internal Revenue Service and the Treasury Department enforce his radical “Spread the Wealth around” theories. My friends,beware of a former community organizer when he says he wants to spread the wealth around. He means it.”

Mr. McCain refused to use the campaign tactics of Lee Atwater or Karl Rove. Fine,but for God’s sake defend yourself.

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