Michael Malone,do you think we're stupid?

The article in ABC News by Michael Malone was terrific. Up until the moment he rationalized that the editors of newspapers were just trying to save their jobs and their pensions so they supported Barack Obama. Don’t believe that nonsense for a second ! If they had truly wanted to revive a dying industry,they would have done the exact opposite of what they did. The subscriptions to their newspapers would have soared if they had written stories about Bill Ayers’ terrorist past and his connection to Obama. If they had attacked Obama for associating with a racist,rabid anti-Semite like Jeremiah Wright,people would have bought their magazines by the tens of thousands. Antoin “Tony” Rezko is such a sleazeball they could have kept a dozen writers busy writing about him. They didn’t do this. They didn’t write about Obama’s drug past either. No. Editors worried about their jobs and their pensions is not the reason for their idolatry.

I suspect something far more sinister is going to occur in this country. I haven’t been able to figure out exactly what it is,but all the signs are there. What are the elite in this country expecting,that they are pushing a mediocrity like Obama toward the White House? There isn’t a single,major piece of legislation in either the Illinois Legislature or the U.S. Senate that bears Obama’s name on it. Now as the polls tighten there are suddenly a flurry of Republicans aiding and abetting a Democrat,a nonentity, to make certain Obama wins.

I see a dark cloud over the horizon and it isn’t socialism. Everyone is forgetting one thing. Most newspaper and television stations today are owned by conglomerates. Most of the owners of these companies are billionaires to the right of Rush Limbaugh. The last thing they want is socialism to flourish in the U.S. What do they really want and why do they need Barack Obama to do it? That’s what we must figure out. Before it’s too late. I can understand black people wanting a black man to ascend to the White House. It’s obvious why the Democratic Party would want him to win,but when the media and many conservative Republicans join the parade it’s time to wonder why they are trying to foist this cipher upon us.

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