Doesn't the press have any shame? Obama assassination plot.

If we needed any more proof how the media favors Obama,all we need to do is read the story by the Associated Press that’s all over the Internet right now. The headline reads, “Feds disrupt skinhead plot to assassinate Obama”. Once you actually read the story it turns out that two kids,one 18 the other 20,had hatched a bizarre plan. First they were going to hold up a few stores to get some money to finance their plan. Then they would rob a gun store to get weapons. Then they would shoot to death EIGHTY-EIGHT black people across many states. Then after that they would decapitate another FOURTEEN people. Then,and only then,would they make their final act,which would be to kill Obama. So these two geniuses would first have to kill 102 people across the U.S. before they attempted to kill Obama. Lots of people won’t read the story and just go by the headline and think what a racist country this is. We must remedy this by…voting for Obama! The media ought to be embarrassed by this,but,of course,we know they won’t.

I wonder if Joe Biden will be on CNN talking about this plot. If he’s not there it will be only because he’ll be on MSNBC talking about it.

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