This is the whopper of the year ! You won't believe it.

A story has just broke from the Associated Press that you are simply not going to believe. It just goes to show how cynical and perhaps desperate Obama’s supporters are. According to the story a bookie in Ireland is paying out RIGHT NOW, more than 1,000,000 Euros,which is $1,340,000,to all those who bet on Obama to win the Presidency ! He is so sure of Obama’s victory that he will NOT wait for the election. There is no need to. Obama’s victory is inevitable. Damn! Why didn’t I bet with this bookie on the last Super Bowl? I bet on the Patriots to win. I could have been paid in December and gone to Bali.

This is more of Obama’s crap that his election is inevitable. In the entire history of mankind,who ever heard of a bookie paying off bettors BEFORE the sporting event? He is not paying off $100. He is paying off almost a million and a half dollars ! Give me a break. If anybody believes this,there is a bridge in Alaska I want to sell you.

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