Speech for Sarah Palin on "spreading the wealth around"

I hope Sarah Palin’s people read redstate diaries.I hope redstate will forgive me for the length of this diary. I would like to submit this for Governor Palin to deliver as a speech. I am a playwright, so I have written it as I would for an actor on stage. Those parts that have parentheses around them are NOT spoken. Those are instructions on what the playwright wants or how to deliver the lines. This is about an 8 minute speech which is to be inserted in the speech of her choice. With her superb timing,her impeccable phrasing and her jocular manner,she could give a terrific rendition of this. When she comes to the phrase, “spread the wealth around” she is always to raise her voice and say it in a jocular manner. Here is the speech.

“You know,politicians are accustomed to giving speeches in front of thousands of people. Their speech writers pore over every word,every syllable,to make sure that nothing will give ammunition to their opponent. If the speech is delivered with confidence and in a smooth,relaxed manner nobody will guess what their true intentions are. Me,I prefer to meet people one on one. If I make a mistake,so be it. (smiling) That’s just more material for Tina Fey ! (She is to tap the pinkie of her left hand with the index finger of her right hand as she says this line) Senator Obama prefers to give speeches where he can say with authority, “Number One (slight pause) Number Two (slight pause) Number Three (slight pause) Number Four.” as he gives details on policy which his writers wrote for him. He doesn’t like to talk directly to people. Now we know why !

If a microphone or camera is near as you speak,you could reveal your true intentions. A few days ago Mr. Obama spoke to a man named Joe Wurzelbacher. Mr. Wurzelbacher is struggling to open a new business. When he met Mr. Obama he told him how the Senator’s tax plan would prevent him from opening a new business. How it would penalize his hard work. You know what the Senator said to him? (in a jocular manner) It is so incredible that when you go home I want you to watch it on YouTube,okay? Mr. Obama told Joe he didn’t want to penalize him,but he said,(Pause)…. listen to this,okay. He said,”Joe,I just want to spread the wealth around”. (Raising her voice) She said that to a plumber! Perhaps we could understand that if he said it to Bill Gates,but he said it to a plumber! “I just want to spread the wealth around!”

This is not the Robin Hood Principle of taking from the rich and giving to the poor. This is the Barack Obama Principle of taking money from hard working Americans and giving it to…(Long Pause)…who? Who knows? He won’t tell us. You know,this is not a new idea. All you have to do is go to Miami. There are tens of thousands of very successful Cuban-Americans living there. Doctors,lawyers,business men and business women. Their parents used to live in Cuba where they worked hard as farmers,as owners of factories or they made money selling sugar cane so others could make it into sugar. Then Fidel Castro came to power. The central belief of the Cuban Revolution was…you guessed it folks, “to spread the wealth around”. Business people had their factories confiscated. Home owners had their homes seized. The government took people’s farms. You know what,folks? It didn’t work ! Yes,all Cubans have free health care now,but a wealthy,vibrant country was destroyed. Cubans have free health care,but the people are dirt poor. “Spreading the wealth around” doesn’t work. If you don’t believe it,ask yourself one question. Why did people risk their lives and put their families in canoes and tiny boats and go into the sea? They headed to Miami!

Hard working people in Cuba were destroyed. People in Havana today have cars that are sixty years old ! That’s true,folks ! They cannibalize auto parts so they can keep their cars running! The people of Cuba fled when they started to “spread the wealth around”,but ask yourself one question. Where are YOU going to go when Barack Obama starts to “spread the wealth” around”? Everybody is going to have health care in the U.S.,but you’d better find an old Pinto because that’s all you’re going to be able to afford when the Democrats “spread the wealth around”.

Today Mr. Obama says that he will only tax those who make more than $250,000,but come January he’ll say the bailout of $700 billion is forcing him to revise his tax plan. The new definition of who is wealthy will be…what? $150,000? $100,000? Then he’ll say it can’t be $100,000 per individual! No,it will be $100,000 per family! So if someone owns a small business or a couple works for a corporation and together they make $100,000 they will now be considered wealthy! The Democrats don’t want to penalize you,you see,but they have to “spread the wealth around”.

Folks,these radical ideas never work! They didn’t work in Cuba. They won’t work here. In 1980 Fidel Castro let those who wanted to flee Cuba to do so. 125,000 people jumped into the ocean to come to the U.S. In a matter of days! The Castro brothers were forced to put a stop to it. If they hadn’t, only Fidel and Raul would have been left in the country! Cuban-Americans are extremely hard workers,they are talented,they are successful. They are proof that the American dream works. These people could have been successful in Havana,like their parents had been. That country today would be wealthy. Radical ideas destroyed a wonderful country.

On November the Fourth let Barack Obama know that in America we don’t believe in “spreading the wealth” !