From the pulpit to Dachau. What Obama's supporters should remember

In the 1930’s in Nazi Germany,Martin Niemoeller,a Lutheran pastor, was arrested. After initially being a supporter of Adolf Hitler he turned against him when he realized Hitler’s true intentions. For doing nothing more than criticizing the Third Reich,he was arrested in 1937 and spent the next eight years in various concentration camps. He was in Dachau,the most notorious of the deathcamps,when he was liberated by the Americans in 1945.

Years later Reverend Niemoller uttered the words that Barack Obama’s supporters should remember before they step into the booth to cast their vote. There are many versions of this particular quote so this is only one of them.

“First they came after the Jews,and I was not a Jew,so I did not object.They came after the Communists,and I was not a Communist,so I did not object.They came after the trade unionists,and I was not a trade unionist,so I did not object.Then they came after me and there was nobody left to object.”

Keep ignoring the signs of Obama’s radical ties,keep calling those who speak the truth racists,until the night they knock on YOUR door. “Barry” has a little surprise for you,my little gullible ones. Let me assure you,they won’t care that you voted for The One.

On November the 4th remember the words of George Santayana, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”