Give this speech Mr. McCain and you win Florida

Barack Obama is always attacking John McCain for his vote to go to war in Iraq. He always says that Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9-11 so there was no reason to go to war. If McCain says the following,Jewish voters will come over to his side in droves and he wins Florida.

“I must remind Senator Obama that terrorists were present in the Middle East long before 9-11. Contrary to Mr. Obama’s claims,Al Queda is not the only terrorist group we had to fear. Yasser Arafat attempted to destabilize the Middle East for more than thirty years. For more than a decade Hamas and Hezbollah have made it their goal to destroy Israel. Israel is our ally. It is important that this democratic country survive. It was because of the existence of Yasser Arafat,Hamas and Hezbollah that I voted to go to war in Iraq.

It is true that Saddam Hussein was not involved in the attacks on 9-11,but he was the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the world ! Hussein was the sponsor of suicide bombers who detonated their bombs inside of Israel. At first he began by paying the families of those who killed themselves inside Israel $10,000. Hussein was so pleased by the results of his payments that he attempted to recruit even more suicide bombers ! He began to pay $25,000 to the families of all those who killed and maimed Israelis ! Restaurants,movie houses,weddings,temples and night clubs were being bombed on a daily basis. Terrorists would blow up buses filled with schoolchildren. Children would be shot dead when terrorists would attack their schools. Every day Israelis lived in fear. A beacon of democracy was being attacked constantly. The entire Middle East was being destabilized by Saddam Hussein.

That is why I voted for the war in Iraq. That’s why Hillary Clinton voted for the war. That’s why Joseph Lieberman voted for war. That’s why Joe Biden voted for war. Yes,Mr. Obama,your vice presidential nominee voted for war. You,sir,don’t seem to care that innocent people were being killed because Saddam Hussein was paying terrorists $25,000. In the poverty ridden Palestinian territories $25,000 is a fortune. It is more money than a family makes in five years. That’s why I voted for war.

It’s up to you,Mr. Obama,to explain why you didn’t care that Israelis were being massacred. It’s up to you to explain why you voted to keep the major sponsor of Palestinian terrorists in power. If we had not toppled Saddam Hussein his payments to the families of suicide bombers would probably exceed $50,000 by now ! Have you noticed,Senator Obama,that Palestinian terrorists are not blowing themselves up inside Israel anymore? Have you noticed that Saddam Hussein’s attempt to harm America by destabilizing the Middle East failed?”

If John McCain delivers this speech I doubt if many Jewish voters in Florida will be voting for Mr. Obama. Does McCain have the guts to deliver it?

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