McCain is not the head of the Secret Service. It's not his job to protect Obama

The press undermined Hillary Clinton’s nomination to promote Barack Obama. As early as January,just after the Iowa primary,they were suggesting she should drop out of the race. Since that day their idolatry of Obama has grown. No other candidate in history has been so protected by the press as Obama has been. If Bill Clinton had ever published a book where he admitted smoking cocaine he never would have been nominated. The press doesn’t care about Wright,Ayers or Rezko. As a result the public thinks they are not important.

Now the press has even gotten to poor John McCain. Last week they began writing about how he did not control his rallies. They said he should have reprimanded the crowd when one of them shouted out, “Kill him” about Obama. Last night John McCain,obviously intimidated,began to defend Obama. It is NOT John McCain’s job to protect Barack Obama ! If there is a nut out there with intent to harm Obama,that’s why they have the Secret Service. It’s their job to protect him from harm. The press has gotten into McCain’s head to such an extent that he will probably refrain from further attacks on Obama. He is afraid that he will be blamed if somebody harms Obama. He will now probably talk only about the economy. If he does,what little chance he has will evaporate. Will somebody please tell McCain to keep on attacking. His job is to win the Presidency. Let those who are being paid very handsomely to protect Obama do their job.

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