Obama will be an hors d'oeuvre for Putin

The next President will have enormous problems in foreign policy. A resurgent Russia. An Iran which may soon possess nuclear weapons. A North Korea whose leader Kim Jong IL nearly died last month. His death would bring even more instability to this troubled nation. Experts believe that Kim’s successor will be even more hostile to the West,even more militant. Since North Korea already has nuclear weapons and some of the most sophisticated missiles in the world, they are capable of striking any nation,even the United States. The war in Iraq must be ended properly or it will explode in our face later. We will continue to have problems with Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. He is the leader of the next generation of radical socialists.

Into this maze of lunatics,rabid anti-Semites,socialists and Islamic jihadists we are going to send in Barack Obama if the polls are correct ! This would be comical if it weren’t a catastrophe. Obama’s admirers in the press refer to him as the black John F. Kennedy. This is a joke. Kennedy was a hawk and an avid anti-Communist. Obama is not merely a dove. He is a man who will appease our enemies. He is the black Neville Chamberlain. Chamberlain was the leader of Great Britain in the 1930’s. When he tried to appease Adolf Hitler,the Fuehrer concluded the West was weak and a year later he invaded Poland,thus starting World War II !

Vladimir Putin,the Russian bear will smell the fear emanating from Obama when they meet. After their summit Putin will know the Ukraine will soon be his again. A tragedy is coming to the West. If Obama serves two terms as President,Russia will acquire all of their former territories. This is Putin’s dream. He will realize his dream with a weakling like Obama in power. Obama is a man who thinks he can reason with tyrants. The only thing tyrants understand is brute force. Instead we are going to send in a college professor to confront the former head of the K.G.B !

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