Obama's Sermon on the Mount

Something very dangerous is occurring in our country. It’s what we call the “cult of personality” when it happens in totalitarian countries. It is the idea that the leader is wise beyond the comprehension of the people,that he is pure and kind,and he and only he knows what is good for the country. Normally in democratic countries this is abhorrent. Winston Churchill led Britain throughout World War II and his courage and leadership at that time made him a legend. A year later the British people threw him out of office. America has had Presidents the vast majority of Americans admired,such as Franklin Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan. Never has the cult of personality taken hold here. Until now. Increasingly in the press Barack Obama is being portrayed as a once in a century leader. He proclaims to have all the answers,never admits a mistake and is now another Nostradamus. He knows what will happen years in advance ! He states matter of fact that he knew two years ago the mortgage crisis would occur. That’s strange. He was already a Senator. Why didn’t he stand on the floor of the Senate and deliver a speech to alert mere mortals of what was coming? Democrats control the Senate and the House of Representatives. Why didn’t he tell its leaders what had to be done? Why didn’t he introduce a bill to prevent this crisis?

Obama continues to make ludicrous statements on the economy,taxes,Wall St.,and the press reports it as if it were a Sermon from the Mount. Their idolatry of this charlatan has caused everyday Americans to go blind regarding his abundant character flaws. Bill Ayers? Irrelevant! Tony Rezko? Who? Jeremiah Wright? Barack wasn’t in church during the speeches ! The idolatry has reached such levels that if a video surfaced of Obama having tea in a cave with Osama bin Laden the press would attack John McCain. They would tell us that Obama with his brilliant powers of deduction had located the cave where bin Laden was,had infiltrated Al Queda and was getting ready to make a citizen’s arrest ! Releasing the video had ruined Barack’s sting operation! Shame on John McCain for releasing the video. In the America of 2008 where propaganda is king and Obama is a prophet this counts as only a mild exaggeration.

As a Democrat I dislike Rush Limbaugh. However, I must give Limbaugh credit. His nickname for Obama,The Messiah,is perfect. To CNN,MSNBC,CBS,ABC and NBC Obama is not only beyond criticism and reproach. He IS perfect. My fellow Democrats vote for John McCain.

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