Obama will ride white guilt to the White House

For four years it was believed that Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic nominee for the White House. Suddenly last January almost all the leading Democrats came out and endorsed Barack Obama. This is a man who has been in the Senate for three and a half years, but has campaigned for the Oval Office almost exclusively for two of those years. In reality he has about a year and a half of experience. In his time in the Senate he has not crafted any significant legislation. By all indications he is a mediocre legislator. Despite this thin resume the endorsements came fast and furious for Obama. Even those politicians who were in their position of power because of Bill Clinton turned against Senator Clinton. Who will ever forget the back stabbing that Bill Richardson gave Hillary ? Soon Senators and governors were calling for Clinton to drop out of the race. Why did they do this?

In addition to his thin resume Obama has a dubious past. He has been associated with Bill Ayers,the co-founder of the domestic terrorist group the Weather Underground. He attended a racist church, an anti-Semitic church, for twenty years and listened to the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. He has acknowledged that he used drugs in the past. All of these by themselves would have forced a white candidate to drop out of the race after one month. He just got stronger with each revelation. When Geraldine Ferraro,the former Democratic nominee for the Vice-Presidency, said he could never have run with his record if he were white she was attacked as a racist. Soon she had to recant this observation. She apologized and was never heard from again.

Mrs. Ferraro was right. This brings up the concept of white guilt. Lots of whites retain a sense of guilt over the way blacks have been treated in the past. Slavery after all was a monstrous institution. The bigotry encountered by blacks after Reconstruction was real. However, there is no way to undo what was done. Casting your judgment aside to try to make up for the past is not only foolish. It is dangerous. Blacks have always supported the Democratic Party and Obama is the first serious black candidate for the Presidency. Jesse Jackson was never a serious candidate. No white politician except Geraldine Ferraro had the guts to speak the truth. In many cases to do so would have resulted in attacks from the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Whites were intimidated and remained silent. With the idolatry of the press plus the endorsement of most major Democrats the public fell in love with Obama.

My problem is that not all of us have white guilt. Those of us who are immigrants,who are minorities ourselves,who are not white, had nothing to do with slavery or the bigotry of the 20th Century. Yet we will have to put up with a mediocrity like Obama because of white guilt. Amazing. I am a Hillary Clinton Democrat,but I support John McCain. I let logic and reason prevail,not skin color. To my fellow Democrats I say, hold your nose if you have to,but vote for John McCain.

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