I find the "Barry" moniker is most puzzling.

Here was his point…

The original strategy was to emphasis the whole name “Barack Hussein Obama”, with even extra emphasis on the middle name. The name sounds foreign (it is) which makes the person attached to that name unamerican.

This “Barry” stuff totally undermines that strategy. Barry is that guy down the street who helps the old lady mow her lawn. Barry is the popular football player at the high school.

I don’t get it. Perhaps our conservative/Republican friends could explain it to us.

To which my reply was…

You don’t know Barry…

Barry is that guy with the Alinsky handbook rabble rousing down the street.

He’s the guy doing backroom deals with Tony and chumming up to the radical fringe elements in the neighborhood.

He’s the guy runs for state office by having the competition knocked of the ballots, so there is no vote.

He’s the guy who once in office votes present and gives taxpayer earmarks to his wife’s employer and good old Tony, but nothing else much changes in the hood.

He’s the guy who now runs for US senate, but never gets anything done for his constituents because he spends his whole first term campaigning for yet another office, this time he thinks it’s all been so easy why not POTUS?

This is the guy who joined the racist church in town for political gain, and he liked it, he sat and listened to the vile hate speech for years, even had the sinister grand master marry him, good thing his wife is racist too, and baptize his kids? He loved the sick old man and his thinking. Until it became known and was thought to be a problem for his cake walk, I mean coronation, I mean campaign, so he cut the old man off at the knees denouncing him publicly hoping people would forget it.

He’s the guy who is that Alinsky kid at heart, but now turned his back on all that he believed and all those in the fringe element in a desperate hope of cloaking his true feelings just long enough to get elected.

…Should I continue, or do you get the idea that Barry is not such a great guy after all, and it doesn’t matter what you call him, or what he say’s, he is what he is.

Why is anyone even considering voting for this guy?

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