I'm confused...?

Rove Map

So, it is true, when in the past we lost control of Congress via certified elections, we didn’t really lose control, we were outright fired! We failed to do what Conservatives do, control spending and limit government.

Ok, so we all know that.

But now there are two driving issues on voters minds, the economy & the war.

Up until two years ago we enjoyed the most high performance economy in Americas history, home ownership (I know we’ll address that in a sec), job creation, low interest, the dollar was healthy, new businesses being created, etc…

So of course that couldn’t last, there must be a correction, ok, but this foreclosure crisis is on the liberals, it seems to me the whole thing stems from pressure from the left to open the credit markets to the disenfranchised, unemployed, and other mortgagee’s who had no ability to repay the loans?

And it turns out the war is going to end on the right note here in the not so distant future.

So, here is my question, and why I’m confused?

We are looking good to win this national election, but everything I read and hear, we are going to get our hat handed to us in the congressional elections? Why is that? I know we have retirements, etc., but if people around the country get enthusiastic about this Republican ticket, as they seem to be doing, and conservatism wins the day, why wouldn’t that translate to the elections for seats in the House and Senate?

Is this right, or do we really have a plan to lay a reversal of fortune on the Democrats for those seats?