Slickness without substance

I for one was not impressed with BHO’s global jaunt to say the least.

From the showing up and playing hoops instead of getting down to the matters at hand in Iraq, his sitting in a head of state setting, his blatant fabrication and claim of credit that he is on a Congressional committee he has no part of, to his double talk on Jerusalem, his use of terrorists for security, his lame speech in Berlin, the inflated crowd numbers, the schmoozing in France, etc, etc.

I have seen little if any MSM coverage that accurately portrayed the semi train wreck of a tour, until now. Now I don’t know how “Mainstream” this news outlet is, but it is accessible and accurate, so I know we don’t like to quote mush text from articles, I felt like I wanted you all to get a look. So;

Obama told his German audience he was sorry about his country because “I know my country has not perfected itself.” [This comment was made in the former seat of Nazi power. A letter to editor published in Obama’s hometown Chicago Tribune noted the irony: “While America may not be perfect, there is no reason to apologize to the Germans, architects of the Holocaust.”]

As for America’s role in saving Germany from the onslaught of Stalinist communism and the subsequent Cold War, there was nothing.

There was a rhetorical flourish about the Berlin Wall coming down, but nothing about the great American sacrifice, not to mention how our military might made President Reagan’s call — “Tear down this wall, Mr. Gorbachev” — a reality.

There was a fleeting mention of the famous Berlin airlift of 1948 that President Truman ordered to thwart the Soviet blockade that sought to starve West Berlin.

As Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby wrote, “Obama seemed to go out of his way not to say plainly that what saved Berlin in that dark time was America’s military might.

“Save for a solitary reference to ‘the first American plane,’ he never described one of the greatest American operations of the postwar period as an American operation at all. He spoke only of ‘the airlift,’ ‘the planes,’ ‘those pilots.’ Perhaps their American identity wasn’t something he cared to stress amid all his ‘people of the world’ salutations and talk of ‘global citizenship.’”

The Hollywood-staged Obama event for a man who has yet to ascend to the presidency didn’t sit well with all the Germans. Germany’s Stern magazine carried the headline “Barack Kant Saves the World.”

One of their columnists, Florian Güssgen, wrote: “The man is perfect, impeccable, slick. Almost too slick … Obama’s speech was often vague, sometimes banal and more reminiscent of John Lennon’s feel good song ‘Imagine’ than of a foreign policy agenda.”

Slickness without substance seemed to be the enduring theme of his trip. Among the little hiccups covered up by the major media, there were several gaffes on the global coronation trip.

Perhaps the most notable — and reprehensible — was Obama’s decision to cancel a visit to wounded American soldiers at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in southern Germany.

McCain added that Obama “certainly found time to do other things.”

One of those other things Obama did was visit Paris and hold a joint press conference with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, typical of an American president visiting the French capital.

Interestingly, The New York Times quoted Elysee officials that “Obama aides insisted that an American flag not be displayed alongside the French flag because Mr. Obama is only a visiting senator and not the president.”

There is no protocol preventing an American official from having the flag displayed when abroad.

America snubbed once again by a lame excuse.

Ahhh_! take a deep breath and enjoy the fresh air. It was so refreshing to come acccross this, I hope it was for you too!