Impeach Harry Reid!

Senate majority leader Harry Reid has finally just gone too far.

The above video is a perfect example of what our Senators must endure, EVERY SINGLE DAY THEY GO TO WORK, and is further evidence why NOTHING ever gets done!

And all we see in the press is “Republicans block passage of…” It is shameful how no MSM coverage of Harry Reid’s ineptness as the majority leader has been made available to the American people!.

His “my way or the highway” management style, of the most august body in the land, is simply no longer acceptable. We just can not afford the price of gas to keep him in office!

When during this debate over energy, he defied not only the will of the majority in the Senate, but the unquestionable will of the American people, he crossed the line!

Using parliamentary rules to stymie any amendments to put forth any energy exploration legislation by Republicans, who essentially only want to pursue all energy alternatives, including drilling for oil, or the “all the above initiative”, the obstinate Harry “We can not win the war” Reid attached two amendments of his own that effectively prevented any further debate or legislation to be considered.

Though I do agree that we need to make revisions to the speculation in the energy markets, I, as do virtually every human I have spoken to in the United States of America, favor an all out assault on the energy problem addressing all the options, and letting our free enterprise, capitalist system, utilizing America’s inherent genius for solving problems like these sort it out, not Harry Reid!

Considering as Senate majority leader, Harry Reid’s anti American rhetoric, his true nature revealing land for vote scandal, as well as a litany of other items of protest, it is first and foremost his inability to lead the Senate that requires drastic action!

Harry Reid must be removed from the Senate.