Obama's Berlin Speech Grade = C- / D +

Well they did what they could, the hype, the build up, even having a free rock concert open the show, lights, camera, action;

Oops, we didn’t know that the pretty monument we chose to speak from, is actually a monument to war! A monument with an angel of war atop mocking the rest of Europe for the bloody losses Germany inflicted on it? Hitler loved it so much he moved it there himself!


Following two popular German Rock bands, Barack Obama did a great favor for the German people, he gave them a lesson, a history lesson, unfortunately it was a lesson on “their” history?

As that one kinda fell flat out over the cannabis rising from the crowd, he ventured further pushing the envelope of German history briefing, as Barack Obama understands it, so he elaborated on his broader tutorial, he reminisced how both our countries had fought in world war two… “together”… he then reminded the German people never to forget how we aided them during the Berlin air lift. …Okay?

When that tack of trying to engage the rock and roll oriented crowd in the matters of Obama’s historical cliff notes – the very matters he found so important he had to share them with these party goers that he traveled around the world – on US tax payers money to do it – in a campaign plane with Obama’08 Logo’s all over it – seemed to be failing, he turned to what he knows best, socialism!

At this point “The One” broke out in a predictable line of Marxist rhetoric, a line of rhetoric that he has been unexpectedly successful in espousing in America of late, so he blathered on about how we need to lift all people, and homogenize the world, the poor, the disenfranchised, in every corner of the globe, blah, blah, blah.

He went on and on for 35 minutes, as he rambled over and missed his applause breaks, what few of them there were, he emphasized parts of the speech that were not a natural place to do so, the speech itself was lame, empty of any substance whatsoever that would have made it worth taking the time to watch!

He gave a speech even a Jr Senator from Illinois could have given*Oh, ya, he is only a jr Senator from Illinois…?*