How Many More "Thousands Gone In A Instant" Moments Will It Take?

Consider for a moment – if in the hour of reckoning in WW2, as Patton rolled through Europe, and the enemy had retreated back to there homeland, that Roosevelt had come to the unthinkable (now) conclusion that we had, for all intents and purposes, got the job done, and re-deployed our troopsSpecken De Deutch?

Roosevelt, Truman, & Kennedy.

Names BHO likes to throw around, he will speak soon near an icon of freedom made famous by speeches from some of America’s greatest leaders. And that would not be such a big deal, if maybe he even remotely resembled or maintained similar values of any of those great men! (Or was at least the POTUS?)

BHO has not remained consistent on any singe issue throughout this campaign, but nothing could be more true with respect to that than his stance on the war in Iraq.

He drew all the anti war radical Code Pink/Marxist Academia/Liberal Elitist types in just like a good used car salesman would by hammering away at there selling point; “We Can Not Win, We Should Have Never Gone, Bring Our Troops Home Now“!

But now he has completely reversed himself and his new mantra is; “Because of the Sunni’s and some other affiliated conditions in Iraq, we are winning, so now it’s time to re-deploy our troops into Afghanistan“?

Now, the gun issue, the campaign finance issue, and all the long laundry list of reversals on the part of BHO pail in comparison with this, how can these liberal anti war types any longer support BHO?

But I digress…

We in America have always fought for what we believe in, namely freedom, and if any reasonable, intelligent person takes time to study the time line from 9/11 to the present, it is clear, even the liberals were in agreement we had to act, and act then!

In my view George Bush will go down in history as one of the most courageous POTUS’ in history. He took the fight to the enemy, and won. He spared his Nation from repeated terrorist attacks, and stood firm for what America needed to do, and allowed the military to do their job, even in the face of being vilified by the populist MSM of the time! (His domestic policy aside, HA HA!)

Bush understands, as I believe does John McCain, that the fastest, most economical way to get what everyone wants, our brothers, husbands, and son’s home, is to win the war. Our generation could take a lesson from our forefathers in this regard!

We ought never fight a war we didn’t fully intend to win. Once committed it is the highest form of treason to undermine that end!

Now, I am certainly all for taking the fight to Afghanistan, and eventually killing the last standing terrorist in the badlands of Pakistan! But we must remember the lessons of history, we must trust our Generals to fight the wars and make our politicians ensure they have the tools and latitude to do their jobs when called upon.

Obama though, can not even admit he was wrong on the Surge, let alone making policy without even consulting the main player in the theater of operations, General Petraeus?

Unfortunately, our greatest sorrow may very well yet be ahead of us, if we let ourselves wake up one day in 2009 and realize we let a con man win the White House. An inexperienced, egotistical, lightweight who believes he is better qualified to make military decisions than a man like Gen. David Petraeus, who has spent his whole life studying the art of war.

Wars are fought on the basis of right and wrongs, of absolutes, not as BHO would like to have it by attempting to make it a political issue.

John McCain was right to say, “I would rather lose an election, and win a war”. BHO can hardly say the same!

How many more terrorist produced “thousands killed in an instant” moments will it take to convince the most liberal senator in congress?