I'm Sorry, But Isn't It Crazy.....

…the real bias of the MSM has been exposed of late?

…there is this road show like frenzy of the latest U2 tour, all the anchors in tow…as BHO heads off on his quest to rule the world.

…meanwhile, when ex-anchor, and right hating Dan Rather sat in on MSNBC’s liberal love fest called “morning cup of joe”, he clearly caled BHO – “Osama Bin Laden”, and not a sole blinked an eye or even bothered to correct the mistake?

…they are now playing up the danger BHO faces in his middle east adventure, now that the war is almost over and virtually anyone, dignitaries, and regular black folk – as he likes to call African Americans – alike travel in the region without incident.

The funny part is, unlike regular black folk or ordinary US dignitaries, BHO is more likely to be mobbed and cheered in the Islamic world as he is clearly seen as their savior. Look for the streets to be lined and BHO serenaded, if the campaign will release his travel plans, as they would obviously not like to see this happen!

In fact, the greatest danger BHO has encountered is the potential of a missed shot as he… plays basketball… at a Military base in Afghanistan?

On a final note, what in the world is going on in our country? On the view Thursday morning Whoopi Goldberg and her black colleague went on a “N” word rant that would have gotten any white person in the media fired before they could catch their breath! Barbara Walters quickly pointed this out.

The one little conservative on the show was almost sounding liberal as she appealed to their sense of a multi cultural world in which we all must live together, which in turn was met by another rebuke and long winded rant where the black members of the cast claimed vehemently the right to use the word while saying point blank they don’t want to hear it coming out of a white persons mouth!

…we are losing it folks!