Email the Leader

I just watched Steny Hoyer lie through his teeth about several things during an interview on the Today show while trying to drum up support for Pelosi care. Eric Cantor did okay responding, but really should have brought up the issue that this insane bill will send people to jail if they don’t buy the Pelosi-approved insurance. So I sent Hoyer an email (his site really says, “Email the Leader”) asking about that and about the NY-23 lie (which he repeated) that’s gospel to the MSM and the Dems:

I just watched Mr. Hoyer in an interview on the Today show repeat the lie that the NY-23 district has been held by Republicans for about 100 years. Look up NY-23 on Wikipedia if you actually think this is true.

I want to know if Mr. Hoyer believes that the Constitution gives the government the power to send Americans to jail if they don’t purchase government-approved health insurance? (http://phoenix.bizjournals.com/phoenix/stories/2009/11/02/daily76.html) If so, does Mr. Hoyer believe in any limits on the power of the government?