Does Ted Cruz Prefer that the GOP Loses with Trump than Wins with Someone Else if that Someone Else is Not Ted Cruz?

Does Ted Cruz Prefer that the GOP loses with Trump than wins with someone Else if that Someone is Not Ted Cruz?

Why is this an important question?

Well, Donald Trump and his candidacy are beginning to circle the political toilet bowl. During the past few weeks, Trump’s continuing antics have finally begun to take a toll. That the “mainstream”/leftist media has switched from promoting Trump’s carnival to destroying him is no surprise (see Todd Akin, 2012). Unfortunately for the Donald campaign, its death spiral has become evident well in advance of the GOP convention in Cleveland. The delegates have the motive and opportunity to embrace buyer’s remorse. And the timing also is unfortunate for the media’s mission of anointing Hillary, since their attack on Trump looks like a possible case of premature evisceration.

In other words, there is still time for delegates to the convention to stand on principle flee a sinking ship and defect from supporting Trump. Trump need only lose a few hundred of his fickle-feathered friends on the first ballot, and he’s finished.

Now, where does that leave Cruz? Interestingly, the Wall Street Journal reported that Cruz has discouraged any rebellion at the convention, including within the Rules Committee. [http://www.wsj.com/articles/stop-trump-groups-fail-to-get-traction-1465723833] Why would Cruz act in this way? There may well be a majority of delegates at the Convention who are anti-Trump- a combination of Cruz supporters (who are anti-Trump) and anti-Trump delegates who also are anti-Cruz. But there is no majority of those delegate which favors Ted Cruz.

I would be more than happy to see Ted Cruz nominated as the GOP’s presidential candidate. He would be a formidable candidate. But Cruz did not have a strong enough primary season and when he failed to stop Trump, he lost his ability to bring the party establishment into his fold. Cruz in 2016 is the political equivalent of claiming second prize in a Monopoly beauty contest and winning $10. And the highest probability is that if the convention became contested, Cruz could not win enough support to lead the top of the ticket.

But Cruz does have the potential to be the kingmaker-or the spoiler. With his bloc of delegates, he could deliver the nomination to someone else who also was acceptable to the party establishment. What could Cruz ask in return? Just about anything short of the presidential nomination.

But is Cruz willing to do that? Is he willing to allow someone else to compete for and quite possibly win the presidency? And is he willing to see such an individual hold the presidency for eight years and then watch a Democrat serve another eight years before he had another real chance. TrusTed 2032 is a long way off. A spot as VP would give him a chance to compete in 2024, but that would be a tough race, and asking Ted Cruz to wait that long is a lot to ask for a young man in a hurry.

The only tell we have is that Ted Cruz is not pushing for a contested convention. The alternative for Cruz is a Trump debacle, with Cruz seeing himself as a front-runner for 2020. Not a bad scenario for Cruz perhaps; but a disaster for the country, with five or even six politically correct votes on the Supreme Court eroding liberty after liberty.

Sorry to say, but right now Ted Cruz appears to be playing this very selfishly. Cruz should think seriously. History will not look favorably on this choice.