Crowdsourcing the Next President of the United States:

A Trump vs. Clinton contest would be an election between two of the most corrupt, conniving, and venal candidates ever to run for President.
Could it lead to a third party candidacy? I believe it can and that Red State is the place to launch such a campaign. There are many thoughtful conservatives here and we can figure this out.

1. Clinton has the left pretty well locked down, but Sanders has exacted a toll.
Absent an indictment Clinton walks into the general election with a significant segment of the country in desperate search of an alternative. She might lead a two way race against Trump, but she will have the lowest favorability rating of any leading presidential candidate in contemporary American history (except for Trump). And there is a segment of the Left that is so angry that they will stay home. She is a loathesome candidate who only can win by being slightly less loathesome than her opponent.

2. Trump is at his high point.
Trump is in the first inning of an onslaught of opposition research. He will not fare well. The Democrats will assume that the destruction of Trump is the only thing that stands between them and the Presidency and maybe the Senate as well. Over the next two months, Trump is going to be hit by unrelenting, unsparing Democratic negative ad campaigns. By the summer, America will be saturated with Trump sleaze. Trump is too cheap to spend his own money to fight back and the free media gravy train is not going to be nearly as plentiful when Trump’s opponent is a liberal media ally.

3. In an election marked by widespread disgust with BOTH Clinton and Trump, a clean honest conservative candidate will become a serious contender as Trump fades.

The candidate would aim to win outright, but would not even necessarily need to win 270 electoral votes. The candidate need only prevent any other candidate from getting to 270. As a top three finisher, that candidate would stand a very good chance to win election in a House of Representatives with 33 or 34 Republican delegations.

4. Crowdsourcing the next President of the United States.

Red State can help vet an independent candidate. What will the ideal candidate look like?
I. The candidate will not have run for President before. A fresh start is imperative. You can’t recycle Rick Perry or Rubio or Jeb Bush-or Cruz.

II. The candidate should have military experience. This is probably the most important criterion of all. A military leader whose public service and dedication stands contrast with two of the most narcissistic, selfish people on the face of the earth. Find that person, run a low key campaign, and the American people will see a leader asking for their support.

If finding such a retired military leader is not possible, then the search should be for someone who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in public service (a former prosecutor/attorney general ). Or the candidate will have demonstrated unbelievable distinction as a community leader or perhaps as a scholar of unquestionable intellect.

III. The candidate will be articulate and well versed in some aspects of public policy and able to perform adequately in others (though in a season of Trump, that should not be too difficult). No fake intellectual Gingrich stuff, let alone Palin laziness. An unassailable conservative intellectual pedigree would be a nice plus. Think academic resume like John Bolton, Ted Cruz, Princeton’s Robert George etc.

IV. The candidate will speak persuasively on immigration to those who are worried about the current disorder. The candidate has to be one hundred per cent credible on securing the border.

V. The candidate will be able to attract hundreds of millions of independent Super Pac funding.

VI. The candidate will need to make the case for economic liberty and an assertive defense of American ideals and security interests.

VII. The candidate will need to be likeable. Ted Cruz’s difficulties in no small part are attributable to serious deficiencies in his ability to charm people.

I suspect that there are some Americans who could meet many of these requirements, although someone who could meet all these criteria would be rare. But it’s my hypothesis that the Red State community can find the right person before it’s too late.

5. Starting the bidding: General Peter Pace

For my own two cents, I would nominate for consideration General Peter Pace, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. In addition to his bravery, intellectual firepower, and expertise on the issues which matter most, Pace’s quiet leadership and patriotism is what the American people hunger for. Please see:

General Pace speaks to Moral Courage to Annapolis Midshipmen

General Pace on the Defenders of Freedom

General Pace discussing veterans returning to civilian society

6. Others to Consider: Senator Tom Cotton, Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey, and Princeton Professor Robert George

Let’s use this great forum to rescue our Republic from the likes of Clinton and Trump.