OK, LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT.. MSNBC-YA LATER TELLS THE COUNTRY THAT THEY AGREED WITH THE CHANTERS AT THE GOP CONVENTION THAT (ALBEIT BEGRUDGINGLY)MATTHEWS AND OLBERMANN WERE INDEED SLANTED AND SEVERLY TANKING ON GOVERNOR PALIN.. AND FOR THAT TRANSGRESSION, THEY WOULD BE BE REPRIMANDED,DEMOTED AND REMOVED FROM ANY FUTURE POLITICAL ARENA GATHERINGS??? WHAT A CROCK !!! One only needs to ‘tune -in’,(if they have the stomach to endure it) to witness Olbermanns continuing non-stop rant of his daily diet of disgusting distribe! On any given night, just view the final 5-7 minutes to observe this vaccuous and pathetic,no talent-former-sportscaster-turned- bloviating mouthpiece spewing his vile towards anything on or of the right!! His scathing hatred is abusive and vitriolic and its obvious Olbermann has something on someone at the “Nastiness Breeds Contempt” network.. for why would NBC continue to promote and tolerate this being who chooses to posture himself as a ‘serious news commentator’? When in reality , they’ve set forth their agenda with this hateful handmaiden for the left, a firebreathing, sulphur spewing hack that breeds mediocrity and chants their war cries as: whine, complain, point and sling and knock’em down at any cost!After all- its easier to ask for forgiveness- than for permission.For watching Olbermann is as engaging and informative as would be watching the brass at NBC/MSNBC re-arrange chairs on the deck of the Titantic. You’ve sunk to a new low NBC and it doesn’t matter what you try and save face with.. we all know how THAT story ended don’t we? Lastly,say what you will about FOX and its journalists, but ratings don’t lie – need more proof? Perhaps you could borrow a little thing their professionals have cornered: decorum and manners. Apparently he is deficit in that department too. What a shame: another ‘O’ mouthpiece for the left to crash and burn in a flame of red, white and clue-less glory!