Big, bad, Wolf .

**There’s something to be said about this children’s fairytale.. Yes,as we know it -ordinarily the girl does get the prince, the wicked witch is destroyed and all live happily ever after. BUT THIS IS NO FAIRYTALE.. and the wolf is very,real and very scary. His teeth are bared ,dripping with secret disdain and rabid words. His eyes- dark, like a great white, (may I elude to that?) and his ears oh Lord, his ears; for he only hears what his imps, elves and the Great Wizard tells him. He see’s the end of the forest, his trolls they dance with glee. For the Grand Wizard has told him that the treasure he seeks lies beyond the glade through the woodlands, but before he can reap his prize and be crowned, there are many to deceive and malign along the way. He walks carefully, treading ever so lightly, but as he ventures deeper,and deeper into the woods he becomes more at ease and less afraid. For he knows that the wizard is there to protect him,to fend off any adversaries that may await him. Along the way, he meets others that will join his trek- offering him manna –anything to get him through, for a WOLF like him has never journeyed here before. And this reward comes at a price to others. For the keepers of the forest struggle to maintain goodness, kindness and all that is noble within their world. They have never seen a WOLF like him before. And at any cost they must defend their turf.—AND THIS IS WHERE THE FAIRYTALE MUST END.. for any further into the woods, the goodness,kindness and fairness of the woods shall end as the dwellers know it.