Another story the Fringe Media will ignore, and certain others will discount

At first I didn’t know if I should post on this. I don’t have direct evidence or proof and some, even here at Redstate, might immediately jump on me and call me a liar. It’s not a lie. I believe this story is completely true as I have reason to trust the person who told it to me with my life, let alone an account of what took place last week at her workplace.

I’ve known this person a very long time, for most of which she has worked at a large Chicago municipal hospital. She is one of the most caring and skilled nurses you will ever meet. She knows her job and does it to perfection and, all the while, makes hospital visitors – patients and families – feel as at ease as possible, often in very unpleasant times.

So I was not surprised to hear her talk of how she was recently able to help a family who were in a very difficult situation early last week. But I was surprised to hear what happened next. It’s a terrible story. It seems that a young mother of six lovely children is suffering from a wasting muscular disease and, unfortunately, the prognosis is so bad that the doctors aren’t even sure if she’ll hold on to life till Christmas.

Needless to say, her husband and children are beside themselves with grief and very, very sad about losing their wife and mother. Drawing from her unfortunate previous experience with such situations, my nurse friend suggested that the family have an early Christmas celebration, even though it was still only the beginning of December.

It was a wonderful idea and seemed to bring some measure of relief, and even joy, to the sick young mother and her already grieving family. The husband took the kids Christmas shopping, but not before talking with his wife about what she wanted to get the children. They came back the next day happier than they’d been in long time. But when they got to the young mother’s room, they were in for a great surprise.

My friend the nurse, along with most of her colleagues, had went out and got Christmas decorations and decorated the room with ornaments, Santas, and, innocently, a Nativity Scene. Well, you can probably guess where this is going. But, still blissfully unaware of the coming nightmare, the family opened each others’ presents and shared a beautiful time together that morning.

A Grinch hospital administrator, an over educated 30 something woman – who was, I’m not kidding, dressed completely in black – came to the nurse’s station later that day to inform my friend and her fellow nurses that they had to remove all the decorations as well as a small cd player that they had bought all kinds of Christmas songs for.

It seems that the problem was that many of those cds featured overtly Christian Christmas songs instead of the secular ones like Jingle Bells and Frosty the Snowman. That and the Nativity Scene. They all had to go. One of my friend’s colleagues asked if it would be okay to just remove the items and songs with Christian themes but the arrogant young administrator said it all had to go.

Asked why, she snapped that it all referenced a religious holiday. My friend immediately asked the administrator if she was trying to ban Christmas. All the other nurses, along with a few doctors and a couple family members of another patient shot the administrator expectant looks. It must have been quite a scene because the administrator went pale and stammered incoherently for a full minute.

Then, regaining her composure, the young administrator said that actually, the decorations and music had to go because it wasn’t the Christmas season yet. This was on December 2. In the room of a young mother who might not make it till Christmas. No amount of arguing, cajoling, persuading or, eventually, outright yelling, would make her reconsider. She had made up her mind and was standing her ground. As of last Friday afternoon, all complaints were basically ignored and requests for permission to keep the decorations and music were rejected out hand.

What do you think they’ll do to people with Christian imagery, literature or even beliefs when their messiah takes over all the hospitals?