Terrorist Dry Run: PC AirTran and MSM Cover Up Story

Why won’t the media cover this? Oh, that’s right, they love their Messiah and don’t want to bring bad attention on his minions. It’s starting, people. They are coming for us and our politicians and media are their willing accomplices. If they get their way, burkas and sharia law will be the order of the day and you’ll either convert or pay the infidel tax till your out on the street and begging for their “mercy.”

Debbie has the lowdown here and confirmation here.

It’s been proven beyond doubt but have you herd of it in the MSM, of course not. Those sheep are silent. Spread the word to your family, friends, and, if possible, work associates. We need to let everyone, every American, know of this.

We need to have concealed carry on all airplanes so we the people can defend ourselves since the 0-government isn’t going to do it for us.