Draft Glenn Beck for 2012

The news today that Roger Ailes was the subject of a draft campaign for 2012 briefly got me more optimistic than I’ve been in a while.


And not because it was soon debunked. Before the news was officially shot down I thought it wouldn’t happen. And probably shouldn’t. As brilliant, hard working and <em>necessary</em> to the GOP as Ailes is as the man behind Fox News, he is a behind the scenes operator. That’s where he does his best work for Conservatives and Republicans.

But another big time heavy hitter from Fox would be a great candidate, not to mention a likely shoe in, for 2012. I don’t mean the former governor of the state that gave us the original Man from Hope. No, I’m talking of course about Glenn Beck.

Look to the 9/12 march that brought in hundreds of thousands if not over a million hard working real Americans to the politest protest Washington D.C. ever saw. Look at how he brought down the communistic Van Jones. Look at how he exposed the Maoist Dunn. Look at his ratings.

We need Leaders, not politicians. Glenn Beck will help kick the RINOs out of the GOP just like he’s kicking the commies out of the 0bama junta. Let’s draft Beck to Lead us as we <strong>take out country back!!!</strong>