Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Schoolhouse Rock

The internet went out at home over the weekend.   I experienced mild (okay major) email withdrawal symptoms.   But, all was not lost.   It was the perfect excuse to pop in the Schoolhouse Rock DVD and watch them ALL.   Grammar, math, science, money, the United States.   It was amazing how many songs I remembered.    I still sing some of them in my head when working.

Some of them were unintentionally funny, like the one on how we should be happy to pay taxes.   If it just went to roads and military AND was spent wisely maybe we would be.   It was made funnier because it was preceded by one on budgeting your money.   Then following directly by the one on Tyranosaursus (sp?) Debt.    Yep, Schoolhouse Rock did one on the National Debt and the need to get it under control.   I am pretty sure this came out pre-Obama.   Bwahahahahahaha.

The ones I loved the best were on the United States.    The Preamble to the Constitution.   The three branches of government.   Women’s sufferage.   Manifest Destiny (okay needed a little bit of help).   By gum, if you did not feel patriotic after watching those, you had no soul.   I am not ashamed to say I had tears running down my face while watching.    Then I got mad.   Really mad.  I realized that for many years you could not show these patriotic episodes.    Patriotism was something to laugh at, not be proud of.    Heck, even now, you can only be proud if it is in relation to Obama.   Prior to him, we just sucked as a country, according to the liberals.    Patriotism was a joke.   Patriotism was to be hidden.   Obama continues this attitude with his World Apology Tour.   He is not proud of the country of which he is president, he is ashamed of it.   

I refuse to be ashamed of my country.    We stood up for our rights.   We demanded a voice in government.    We created a brand new system of government that has worked pretty darn well over the last 200+ years.   It may not be perfect.   But, it sure beats the alternative.   In 1776, when we declared independence, no one knew if we would win the Revolutionary War.   We went for it anyway.   And won.   In 1887, when we attempted the grand experiment of democracy with an elected President, a written Constitution and everything else, the world over thought the experience would fail.   It has not.   In fact, other nations look to us for inspiration.    We are an inspiration to the world, a belief that the people rule the government.   That is something to be proud of, to shout for the rooftops, to wave the flag, to be patriotic.   Not ashamed.   Never ashamed.   America with its head held high filled with people with their heads held high.    That is my America.   As I learned from Schoolhouse Rock.