My Mother -- The Radical

My mother is a good woman.   She taught her children right from wrong.   She and my dad always took us with them to vote so we could see democracy in action.   She watched the news and stayed informed of current events (Let’s discuss the energy crisis).   During the Iranian Hostage Crisis, she sent a Christmas card to the hostages.   But, I think that is the most radical thing she had ever done.   She didn’t protest in the 60’s, she was too busy being a wife and mother.   

Although she stayed informed, she was not involved.   During the 2000 election, I volunteered on the Bush campaign.   With a degree in political science, mom asked me to explain a lot of the issues in the post-election mess.   She understood them, she just didn’t get all the nuances until I explained.   She had never needed to.   

Mom always supported the troops.   Her late husband (RIP Robert Iams, was a World War II vet.   When she came to DC for my law school graduation, my sister, her kids, my mom and I made a point of going to the World War II Memorial.   So, you know she supported the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.    She definitely was not one of the Code Pink Ladies.  

But, now, after the bailouts and everything, she has had ENOUGH.    Tomorrow, my 60 something year old mother (two kids, two beautiful grandchildren) will be at her local TEA Party.    She is a little worried about police presence.   So am I.   Mom has a bit of an attitude towards authority sometimes.   She taught us to be polite, even if she wasn’t always.   I told her tomorrow was not a good time to demonstrate her attitude.    She may make a sign.   She claims she is not creative.   Bahahahahahaha.    Mom, I still have the pillow you wove me.   Just remember to keep it short.

This is what the Obama Administration has brought us.   A little old lady who should be enjoying her grandkids out marching on a public sidewalk in front of the post office.   All because she doesn’t want those same grandkids to be beggared.

Go Mom.

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