Organizing to Protest

As pointed out in numerous posts and diaries, the Left has long been organized to protest just about everything.    There are no “spontaneous” demonstrations.    They have email lists, websites, precinct captains, etc.    That is how they get all those folks out at the drop of a hat.   

They know the rules.   They probably have a standard insurance policy good to go at any time.    They have printers who can get all those professional looking signs out in jig time.    All because they have big pockets.

You know what else they have?   Lawyers.    They have a legal team on call that can file a civil rights violation, freedom of speech case, etc., at the drop of a hat.    I doubt these lawyers are doing it for free.   Some of them may represent “organizations.”   But, who is funding these “organizations.”    

The Right needs to start doing these things.   If the National organization won’t start developing email lists and training organizers, we need to do it ourselves.    If the National organization won’t provide lawyers, we have to provide them ourselves.    Heck, we are Republicans.   We don’t wait for someone else to save us.   We save ourselves.

I am a lawyer in Maryland.   Not admitted to Federal Practice yet.    Someone pays me and the court costs, I am good to go.    What other lawyers do we have to here willing to step up?