One good thing about the snow storm

I live near DC (I left in order to get representation in Congress.   I have all Dem reps now.   I’m still waiting).   We got hit with a pretty good snowstorm.    Not as bad as expected but enough to close some schools and businesses.   And Congress.   Yep.   No votes today.   Which means they can’t take anymore of my money for at least one day.   

Of course, the DC schools stayed open.   For the children’s sake, of course.   Not so they can get an education, but because of the high rate of poverty in the District.    Due to the extreme poverty, schools are the only place some kids get a decent meal.   Think about that, the only good food you get is SCHOOL CAFETERIA FOOD.    Once you have all stopped gagging, think about something else.    The schools stay open because that is the solution to caring for these kids.  Instead of coming up with real solutions to poverty, the Dems who control this City through local government and Congress say “let the schools feed the kids.”   Instead of getting folks off the government teat, it risks the safety of kids by keeping the schools open so the kids can get a meal.  

I am not against the kids getting a hot meal at school.   Well, other than I think school food violates several human rights treaties.    But, I am against the idea of this being the ONLY solution for these kids.    The parents should be given the opportunity to learn real skills that will translate into real jobs so they can feed their kids at home.    It is up to the parents to care for their kids, not the schools.    We fail those children if we prevent the parents from doing so by never acknowledging the real situation.