Yet Another Reason Porkulus is a Bad Idea

So many reasons, so little time.   But, a new reason has shown up in recent days.    On her first overseas trip as Secretary of State, Secretary Clinton said that human rights concerns regarding China must take a back seat to other issues.    Now, she mentioned climate change (because who cares if China is killing prisoners for their organs as long as no greenhouse gases are involved) and other concerns.    But, the real issue came out today.    We need China to keep buying our debt.  

 As long as the Obama administration continues its relentless march to Socialism, someone must pay for all these programs.   Porkulus is just the tip of the iceberg.    Besides printing money, the printing press in the basement is printing out loan documents to foreign countries like China.    The US won’t nationalize the banks or industries, they are just selling them to our debtors.    One of those debtors — a major one– is China.  

If we call China to account on its human rights record — as it so RICHLY deserves to be — it will stop buying our debt.   Instead of standing for democracy and freedom, we are the mercy of our creditors.   They call the tune and we dance.    We MUST stop depending on others to save us from ourselves so that we can get back to the roots that made America great.    We must make adherence to the Constitution of the United States mean something again.    We must lead as the sole remaining superpower in the correct way of governance.   Not hide in the corner and hope the creditors never call in the loans.