Spiking the Dems Guns

Okay, they are Dems, so they don’t have guns.    But, they do have arguments, and the Republicans MUST being to start blowing holes in them (because we do have guns).   Now that I have killed that metaphor, let me get to the point.

One argument the Dems loved to make in favor of Porkulus was that it was nothing compared to all the money that President Bush spent on the Iraq war.   But, that argument fails now.   The interest alone on Porkulus will be more than all the money spent on the Iraq war to date.   That is just interest payments.  We all know how debt works, no need to belabor the point here.  

As if that spending spree was not enough, the president wants to bail out people from their own stupidity in getting into mortgages they have no hope of paying.      Yep, they are rewarding bad behavior at the expense of those who are trying to do the right thing and keep paying their bills.   Now, not only will you  have to pay your own mortgage, but the mortgage of your idiot neighbor (you know the one who runs his leaf blower at 7 am on Saturday).   All this while paying more in taxes to service the Porkulus debt.   Already folks are wondering why they are paying their bills when others who don’t get bailed out.  

It is time to get the message out.   It is time to counter the Democrats message with actual facts.   Get the word out on blogs, message boards, the grocery store, the barbershop, the beauty parlor.    It’s time to stop talking about what needs to be done and time to start doing.