This is why experience matters

If President Obama had spent more than two minutes in the Senate before starting his run for president, he would KNOW how the legislative process works.    He would know that he cannot just say “pass a stimulus bill.”   He would know there is a lot of horsetrading and negotiating and working with others to pass a bill.    He would know that “I won” is not a good legislative strategy.   So did everyone else in Congress.   That is why they are there.    He would know that he should not give a deadline for passage of a bill.    Good bills take time.   Even bad bills take time.    He would know that missing the deadline just makes him look out of the loop and not in control.  

If he had spent more time actually being a senator instead of campaigning, he would know how to govern.   He would know that governing is work, not just a series of photo ops.   He would know governing involves listening, not just making nice sounding speeches.    He would know that governing involves everyone in the process, not just those who agree with him.

If President Obama had more experience doing a job instead of running for another one, he would know so many things.