Woman Who Had Octuplets Has 6 Other Kids

and lives with her parents on welfare with no husband in sight.   

How this woman got IVF treatments I don’t know.    Now, I support a woman’s right to choose (I do because I don’t want Big Brother Government in my sex life) so that means I have to support her decision to not selectively reduce (fine, abort) some of the babies.   But, where is MY choice.   I have to support those babies and her SIX other kids.   

It’s about personal responsibility.   If you can’t support the six kids you already have, you don’t go and get pregnant again.   Not even to have ONE more, let alone multiples through fertility treatment.    Yes, deciding to have children is a fundamental right.   However, with the right comes a responsibility — to the children.    If you cannot care for a child properly, please do not bring them into the world.   The easiest way to avoid this is abstinence from sex. 

Plus, this woman is not married, apparently.    Sometimes things happen and you end up a single parent.   However, you should not set out to be one.   Especially, again, if you can’t support your kids yourself.   Also, kids need two parents.    It just makes a stronger family unit.    There are tons of studies out there showing two parent homes are best.    Why deliberately set out to deprive your children of that?    

It all comes down to thinking about someone other than yourself.   To think beyond your immediate needs and wants.    It’s about thinking about what is best in the long term, not the short term.    Heck, it’s about thinking PERIOD.