NH Freedom Watch

Sometimes, the mouse will roar and be heard.  In what could be a defining moment in a move to reaffirm State sovereignty, New Hampshire will have its hearing on HCR6 tomorrow.  National mainstream media is calling this “the NH secession bill,” but the aim is to keep federal laws, whether by executive order or statute passed by Congress, that do not square with the US Constitution from encroaching on the liberties enjoyed by State residents.  The language of this bill, of which the lead sponsor is State Rep. Dan Itse, is lifted directly from Thomas Jefferson’s language for the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s 1798 Constitution.  So that people can read the bill in its entirety, here is a link to the bill:


Tomorrow, at 8 am Eastern Time, hundreds of liberty-minded residents of the Granite State will attend a rally at the State Capitol in advance of the hearing of HCR6.  Since Rep. Itse introduced HCR6, 24 other states have followed New Hampshire’s move, introducing similar legislation.  Should this measure become law, we could see a grassroots movement roll across this nation.  We can turn back the tide of excessive federal government interference in every aspect of our lives, one state at a time.  Now that, dare I say it, is change I can believe in!