There's something wrong here.

On May 14th, 2009, Nancy Pelosi accused the CIA of lying to her and “misleading the Congress of the United States” on the issue of whether or not waterboarding was used, and when. In fact, she even went as far as to say that they “mislead us all the time.” Cue media firestorm. Even The Huffington Post ran a rather lengthy article stating at one point that she was “unusually harsh” in her accusations.

It is now May 29th, 2009, and we have stopped talking about this.

The last I heard it mentioned was when Pelosi essentially ignored a question about it from a reporter during a lengthy, stupid press conference where she tried to gloss over the whole thing with plenty of talk about all the good she’s done. I mean, I realize that the Sotomayor nomination has given us plenty more to worry about, but we absolutely cannot drop this. The accusations Pelosi has leveled against the CIA are huge, and if we don’t keep on her about this — if we don’t absolutely hound her for an explanation until she either gives one or cracks under the pressure — then this story is going to quietly go away until it’s a mere distant memory; yet another thing the Democrats have done that goes unpunished.

We cannot let that happen. Not with something this big. We can’t let the Speaker of the House, one of the most important people in this nation and second in the presidential line of succession, just get away with making such an outrageous claim. If anything, her newfound refusal to talk about the issue at all should be making it even worse for her. Instead, it seems that she’s getting away with a ‘no comment.’

Over the course of Obama’s presidency, I have seen this happen way too many times: some Democratic political figure does something that is absolutely inexcuseable, and within a few days it’s forgotten.

That cannot happen this time.

This is too big.

Update: Yesss!