[I'm not being paid enough for this.] Is Team Sarah a conservative political site or a religious fanatic's dream?

[I’m not being paid at all, in fact; and I could have been in bed an hour ago.  Here’s the scoop; if you’re upset that the big bad moderators on Team Sarah have banned you for something – and, frankly, from what I can tell they had reason (speaketh the theistic evolutionist) – then the proper method is not to come over here and complain.  So, we shut down comments to this post, and the author is instructed, specifically, to not duplicate her methodology here; it’s unlikely to have any better long-term results. – Moe Lane]

[Put another way:

The above video is the rough equivalent to the text below.  So don’t do that. – Moe Lane]

I was a member of Team Sarah. I am a conservative who has supported Sarah Palin since she appeared on the national scene.

I was banned from Team Sarah because a handful of sola scriptura type Christians on the site thought it inconceivable that a conservative could believe in and defend: evolution; the idea that a Jew, Muslim or atheist can be conservative; that conservatism is about policy and not religion; that censorship is not a conservative value; the idea that Team Sarah was a political site and not a religious one.

Typically what happens in the Team Sarah forums, is that whenever someone poses a question that this handful of zealots is uncomfortable with, that is enough to send some of them into convulsive, terets-like fits, where they shout out “TROLL!”….”TROLL,TROLL!”….at anyone who they deem as unworthy. A recent new member of Team Sarah named Shantee asked if the “Barack the Magic Negro” song was appropriate…a question to that effect anyway. Shantee’s thread was not only removed, but so was Shantee. There was nothing rude or offensive about her post. It simply made a few zealots paranoid and uncomfortable.

Of course, if you don’t believe that the Bible is the literal word of God, then that will also make you a devil worshipper in their eyes too. The basic stating of facts such as the idea that some of our founding fathers were not religious at all, does not simply send some of them into hysterics, but of course this historical accuracy will also brand you a liberal, communist, secularist and of course, troll. It seems they have never heard of Thomas Paine.

Whenever asked to justify their position, they (the select few) will either begin to quote bible passages or simply roll over and play intellectually dead. Although, I think if fair to say that some of them are not “playing”. The administrators of Team Sarah are now claiming they have irrefutable “proof” that some 90 people in the Forums were the dreaded “trolls” they always feared. Trolls in Team Sarah -speak is anyone who does not march lock step with the handful of zealots-turned-moderators at Team Sarah. I would like them to publish the “proof”.

If you are intellectually minded and don’t goose step along with people who believe that the only way to be a conservative in the USA is to be a sola scriptura Christian, then Team Sarah is definitely not for you. There are still a few sane thinking people in the Team Sarah forums. They are rational people who believe that policy and not fanatical religiosity shape conservatism. However, they are rare. Wonderful…but rare.

This does not dim my support for Sarah Palin or conservatism. In my view, the zealots of Team Sarah are not conservatives at all. Rather, they are a small, very vocal group of religious fanatics. If there is anything that this small group  have in common with Muslim extremists, it is their belief that their book is infallible and any one who does not embrace it as such is a heretic.

I hope that more rational minded conservatives will join Team Sarah, en masse. This is the only remedy for the hysteria found in the Team Sarah forums.