Stop the lies

As a republican it shocks me when I hear McCain/Palin lie to our faces.

Bridge to no where – come on guys. The media is going to kill us on this one. She didn’t oppose the bridge until AFTER the press got a hold of the story and it was being attacked as wasteful spending. Only opposed it once it was politically expedient and necessary to cover her tracks. Even when the bridge got cancelled she still took the money. What did Alaska spend the bridge money on ? No bridge, took the money, where did it go?

9/11 is why we’re fighting in Iraq ? Palin – seriously you need to shut the F.Up! McCain has a real shot in November but Palin is a MAJOR liability. She bombed that ABC interview. Everyone knows about the Bush Doctrine. Books have been written about it and the Sunday news programs spend countless episodes discsusing pre-emptive, unprovoked war.

We’re in big, big trouble. Sure the media loves Palin this week but we’re in big trouble next week. They are already starting to call her lies for what they are – lies.