Lemieux, the Uniter, backed by Log Cabin Republicans

I saw the post by bloggy bayou that reads like an Adam Hasner campaign commercial.  I am glad to see bloggy officially declaring his status as a campaign consultant, and letting us all know that his past criticism of other Republicans was biased.

In his dissertation bloggy claimed that Lemieux was too close to Crist to win the nomination.  I disagree.  Lemieux is someone that can bring together many elements of the party that will be necessary to win the General election.  As I mentioned in my last post, Lemieux is willing to stand strong on issues like gay adoption rights, and he also got this… “Jim Pease, president of the Log Cabin Republicans of Tampa Bay, a gay GOP group, said he’s admired LeMieux since LeMieux backed an openly gay GOP legislative candidate in Broward County several years ago.”

Many people mistakenly believe that running against Nelson will take the same traits as Rubio presented in running his race.  The reality is this election will be much different and will take someone that can appeal to a much broader audience.

Oh, and while bloggy is at it he may want to ask his candidate why he has not responded to ethics charges filed more than two weeks ago by a Palm Beach woman asserting that Hasner failed to disclose pertinent financial information as a candidate for State House.

reasonable conservative