LeMieux Understands the Gay Community

I have seen more than a few posts on the Florida Senate race lately so I thought I would jump in.  It seems to me that LeMeiux is getting hit hardest for the fact that he described himself as “a Charlie Crist republican”, and while I think it is obvious that he owes his political career to Crist, I don’t think that means they think alike on every issue.

For instance, I think it is great that Lemieux supports gay adoption and same sex rights, positions that I am not sure are shared by Mr. Crist.  The conservative movement is coming more and more to the realization that issues that effect the gay community don’t need to be off limits.  I support Mr. LeMieux’s courage in standing up to his party on things like this.  Republicans are not all homophobes.  There are plenty of us that understand the fiscal issues hurting our country, but also understand that it is wrong to marginalize an entire group based on their sexual identification.

I would encourage all the readers of this post to give LeMieux’s record a fair look.  I will grant you that he has not ever won an election, and I totally disagree with him about off-shore drilling, but he has taken positions on issues that certainly set him apart from the competition.


reasonable conservative