Enough is enough.

First of all, let me say that I’m not as new here as it appears.  I was here for a few years as “Foppa”, mostly as a lurker, but had some problems with a new email and a password, and it ended up being easier to create a new identity than to work out a password change.

I was watching the Today Show with my three young daughters in the room this morning.  Appropriate, since they can see money being spent on the news for which they are now responsible

I watched Matt Lauer (D) banter with Chuck Todd (D) and then Lauer berate Michael Steele regarding his recent dustup with Limbaugh.  He showed the clip in which Steele was responding to D.L. Hughley’s (D) assertion that the recent RNC was like a ‘Nazi Party gathering’ and gave his answer that upset Limbaugh.  Steele was meely-mouthed, until he finally gained his composure toward the end of the interview and limply said that many R’s don’t want nationalized healthcare, etc.


I am a normal guy.  I’m not a racist, a homophobe, or a Nazi, and yet we’ve been allowing the Democrats to define our party as hateful while they are busy writing a bunch of huge checks right before the bank closes.  Once these entitlements are set, we’re through.  Nobody will ever be able to win an election by counting on the votes of people who are being told that the Republicans want to (rightfuly) take away your free lunch billed to the successful members of society.

It’s OK to oppose this – for God’s sake we have to get serious about this, and not back down and try to find some sort of Versailles-like ‘bi-partisanship’ with a Democratic party that at this point has now put a war and the economic future of their own country into the wind for the sake of their own expediency and electability.

I’m furious and feeling frustrated.  I’m tired of Republicans trying to legislate morality getting caught with hookers and making us look like idiots – I’m tired of corruption, and mostly, I’m tired of a McCain-like message of trying to find the middle for middle’s sake.

What in the world are we going to do?