Slow news weeks make me think...

It seems like it’s been 100 mph every day since January. The inauguration of The One, followed closely by the Tax Cheating cabinet debacle. Then we had President Obama reneging on his promise not to appoint lobbyists. Then there was the whole Porkulus fiasco followed immediately by President Obama promising to cut federal spending. By mid-February the Tea Party movement had been ideologically launched by Rick Santelli on the floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange. The RINO’s on the hill got caught with their hand in the ear mark cookie jar in early march, followed by an over-bloated Omnibus Spending bill, the AIG bonus scandal, the Obama’s extended protocol faux pas tour, the largest cigarette tax increase in history, the overwhelmingly successful Tax Day Tea Party movement, the Swine Flu scare, the defection of Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter for purely personal political reasons, and finally the ratcheting up of the impending nationalized/socialized health care program. That’s not even taking into account his promise to open talks with Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela, his chummy pal around with Hugo Chavez, the Department of Homeland Security right wing radical memo’s, the President of the United States firing the President of a publicly held company, and the Secretary of State giving her Russian counterpart a button that says, “overcharge”. Whew. What a long strange 100 days it’s been!

I’ve considered the Obama administration’s first 100 days, and it seems that for all the impending disaster, the sky still has not fallen. Things aren’t necessarily great: unemployment is way too high, the auto industry is in big trouble (and right where they should have been 6 months ago), but still things are going forward. Talk of bankruptcy hasn’t caused the implosion of the industry. We were warned for a week that Swine Flu was going to be the next global pandemic, wiping out millions. Fear spread like, well, like a flu bug in a closed room full of 4th graders, but here we are and the Swine Flu has fizzled out and become nothing more than a mild seasonal flu (although the WHO, enjoying their time in the press, warns us that we still aren’t out of the woods, we now have to watch out for mutation, so don’t get rid of your face masks yet).

I guess there are two ways you can look at it. The first way is that we’ve got a masterful administration at the helm, guiding America to safety and prosperity after 8 years of failed programs and what apparently was anarchy in the street in other places under the Bush regime (although my life has been pretty good, but I don’t buy more than I can afford or spend more than I make, so you can’t really go by me). In this scenario President Obama and his bumbling band of Pranksters (Biden, Geithner, Chu, Napolitano, Clinton, Emmanuel et al) have masterfully navigated the country through scary waters, and we are now safely pulling up on the shores of prosperity again, thanks to Dear Leader’s cunning, insight, and rock hard abs.

On the other hand, maybe things weren’t as bad as they let on. Not that unemployment isn’t high. It is, and it’s a tragedy that demands motion. But it’s absolutely possible to take something that is real and needs addressing, and use that to build a dire case around to promote an agenda. It’s a case of the tail wagging the dog. Joe Biden promised during the campaign that we would face a generated crisis. How fortuitous that the bumbler from Delaware would be so prescient.

I’m not buying. I think so far this year we’ve seen an economic downturn that resulted in a lot of lost jobs. I think the administration along with the media sold it as “the worst crisis in a generation.” I think we saw the flu, and we have it a letter and a number and talked about pandemic. Smoke, mirrors, bells, & whistles. What better opportunity than a global flu outbreak to make people start thinking about the quality of their health care, and how it would be so much better if Uncle Sam took care of it all for us? Why is bankruptcy all of a sudden alright at this point in time, but 6 months ago it would have sent the world into a panic? How are the union’s faring in all of this? Certainly they’re doing their fair share to help ease the burdens on these struggling companies… then again, maybe not.

I’ve said it before, fear is a powerful motivator. If you can make someone afraid, you can get them to do almost anything. It’s irrational, and it makes you blind to reality. Things in America have been better. Things in America have most certainly been worse. I’m not buying the pictures I see on television. I still believe America is the “greatest nation on God’s green earth,” as Michael Medved says. I don’t believe that we need more government, deep intervention, or many of the plans that are rolling down the pike from Washington.

Thank God for slow news weeks. I’m reminded that the difficult times I face, in the grand sceme of things make me proud to be an American, and there’s no where else in the world I would rather be.


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