At your service

The President of the United States, leader (or, as Debra Messing would say, “ruler”) of the free world wrapped up an out of the country excursion, taking the Magical Traveling Gaffe Machine on the road. When he wasn’t giving the Queen of England a pre-loaded iPod and Michelle wasn’t knocking Prince Phillip out of the way to get next to her, he was doing this to the King of Saudi Arabia:

What is that our leader is doing? Well, it seems he’s bowing to the King. Only it’s not Japan, it’s Saudi Arabia. You notice none of the other people are bowing to the King, that’s because the only people who bow to the King of Saudi Arabia are his SUBJECTS!! So our President, King Barry, has made himself the fetching boy for Saudi Arabia.

I understand being new and learning on the job, but who does this guy have advising him? Isn’t there any one in the United States of America who has any idea about protocol for these things? Could nobody in the world tell him that giving the Prime Minister a DVD collection is a bad idea? No one knew that American DVD’s don’t work in the UK? Should I assume that no one in the country speaks Russian when his first choice for chief diplomat gives the Russian Foreign minister a red “reset” button that says “overcharge”?

This is getting to be the status quo with the administration. The One who was welcomed by the masses in Germany and all around the world are starting to see the truth, our President has no idea what he’s doing, and he’s either not smart enough or not humble enough to find someone who DOES know.

Every time President Bush stubbed his toe or stumbled on a word, it made international headlines. The One hasn’t quit bumbling since he took office. He can’t find the door to his office, he apparently can’t discern how tall the opening of a helicopter is, and now he’s prostrating himself before the King of Saudi Arabia.

Atleast these gaffes aren’t costing us trillions of dollars… yet

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