Legacy Recovery: thank you, George W. Bush

President George W. Bush refuses to comment on the fledgling Presidency of Barack H. Obama, saying that the President, “deserves my silence.” Bush’s comments contrast sharply with his former Vice President Dick Cheney, who tells anyone who will listen that the country is less safe because of the decisions President Obama and his administration (i.e. Eric Holder) have made.

I agree with Vice President Cheney’s perspective, and I bet President Bush does as well. However, rather than simply lambasting Obama, Bush continually remains above the fray, demonstrating the dignity of the office. A lesser man would be scrambling to reclaim his legacy by nit-picking and being very public & vocal (case in point).

George Bush made bad decisions, and financially did some things that I sure wish he hadn’t done. However, I can’t even begin to fathom the weight of the decisions he faced. He faced those decisions, and the backlash they created, with quiet dignity. He never stopped acting like a President. He was a lousy public speaker. He made goofy faces. Buthe carried himself with a humble, self-deprecating composure, and he never let himself be drawn into the fray, or stooped to criticize or even defend himself. Compare that with the megalomania of the current administration, which regularly picks on, and vilifies a radio entertainer and barely tolerates even a hint of criticism from the media. Remember seals for the office of the President Elect, messianic symbols and a week long campaign photo-op tour through Europe for the purpose of…? I find myself longing for a man who acts Presidential.

In November, I had little hope for President Bush’s legacy. As time goes on, and he continues to publicly portray the class & character that he embodied throughout his administration, I believe history will smile on him moreso than either the man before him, and quite possibly the man after him.