Torture & Stem Cells: Presidential hypocrisy and a culture of death

President Obama is expected to sign an executive order on Monday to loosen Clinton era restrictions on Embryonic Stem Cell research. An embryo is any multi cellular animal in a developmental stage preceding birth or hatching. A human embryo contains a totally unique DNA code, created from the union of a male sperm & female ovum. Left alone it would multiply, grow, and eventually become a human being with limitless potential to do good in the world. Using embryos for stem cell research destroys them, thereby ending human life.

President Obama has vowed, with blatant appeals to Americas moral reputation, to close down Guantanamo Bay, Cuba where he claims “enemy combatants” are tortured. What the President calls “enemy combatants” or “insurgents,” many others call terrorists who are known to play significant roles in terrorist operations around the world, including but not limited to the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole and the attacks of 9/11.

Embryonic Stem cells aren’t known to offer any greater hope for curing disease than adult stem cells, which wouldn’t require the destruction of a human embryo. The issue in Obama’s order isn’t simply embryonic stem cell research, but government funded stem cell research. If embryonic stem cells offered hope to cure cancer or AIDS or some other gruesome disease, I wonder why the private sector wouldn’t jump on it, develop it, and make a bunch of money. If embryonic stem cells were the hope of the universe, why would the government have to fund the research? Could it be that embryonic stem cells don’t offer any greater hope medical hope than adult stem cells do, and the research isn’t really about medical science?

The “enemy combatants” (read: terrorists) at Gitmo are avowed enemies of the United States. During their detention at Gitmo, they have been given (at tax payers expense) three meals a day (which many weren’t receiving in their home country) and complete religious freedom. Detainees have been portrayed as nearly sympathetic figures by Senator Dick “Turban” Durbin and his ilk who likened Guantanamo Bay to Auschwitz. The difference was that the Jews at Auschwitz were innocent citizens persecuted by an evil dictator leading a regime of evil. The terrorists at Guantanamo Bay are members of an evil regime of terror who have persecuted, murdered, and sought to control by fear innocent citizens around the world.

President Obama’s impending order for Embryonic destruction can’t be separated from his clearly demarcated position as the most radical pro-abortion president in history. Each embryo (life) that President Obama destroys has not had the opportunity to make a positive impact on the world. In Florida, a doctor set to perform an abortion (on an embryo) showed up late to take the life of the unborn child. Before he arrived, the baby was born alive and the medically unlicensed owner of the clinic cut the umbilical cord and deposited the dying baby in a bio-hazard bag, and discarded it to die. There was, rightfully so, an uproar from both sides of the abortion debate. If, as the pro-abortion camp says, the baby that died was simply a mass of flesh, why the uproar? At what point in the baby’s trek through the birth canal did it change from a “mass of tissue” to a baby, worth fighting for? If the baby was going to be terminated any way, why was what the clinic owner did any great travesty? I would say that the outrage the abortion rights groups displayed was what they should feel every time a life is terminated. They should have been outraged.

The detainees that President Obama will pardon have used the life they were given to bring terror and destruction to the world. As adults, they have chosen, and continue to choose to bring terror, mayhem, and evil to a world already struggling against atrocity. By their own volition, they use shame and fear to conscript their own countrymen to become suicide bombers and knowingly take the life of innocents. That is the path they have chosen.

President Obama is not restoring America to the place of moral world leader. He has not increased our ability to speak to the nations of the world about moral issues, he has lessened it. These conflicting orders do not bring clarity to what it means to be an American, they bring confusion. They place the lives of murderers and terrorists over lives of the unborn. By President Obama’s government sponsorship of the destruction of unborn American lives, while releasing our enemies who have and will do us harm, he is propagating a culture of death in America. A generation is coming that will be further hardened and calloused to the serious implications of abortion, even in the name of (pseudo)science. Also coming is a generation that will be hardened and calloused to the news that terrorists live and move and breathe in our world.

Terror and abortion are issues of life and death. Killing stem-cells is voluntarily terminating a unique DNA strand created by two gametes. Embryo’s, through all forms of termination, are punished for no fault or choice of their own, while terrorists are released as the leaders of the people they have brutalized cow-tow, apologize, and send them back to the places they came from. Stem cell research isn’t the answer to all of our medical problems or it would have been developed & researched in the private sector long ago. The executive order on stem-cell research isn’t about scientific research, it isn’t even about “choice,” it’s about who defines life.

If we are to be a country that loves and believes in the value of human life, even for those who would take it (terrorists), then that same right must be extended to the most helpless and innocent among us.

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