When Will The Eco-Nuts Stop Shipping Jobs Overseas?

Here’s an article that makes you want to both laugh and cry. Laugh because it’s hard to imagine politicians could be this dumb, and cry because their stupidity is destroying America.

When it comes to killing jobs and shipping them to China nothing accomplishes it faster than the phony “Green” movement. Idiots like Sen. Barbara Boxer have spent decades dismantling California’s economy with their environmental extremism.

The election of Barack Obama took California’s job killing green crusade nationwide. Now we’re all paying the price for Al Gore’s fantasies about a warming earth.

The Washington Post is reporting on the closure of the last GE factory in the US that makes incandescent light bulbs. The 200+ workers at that plant are about to join the millions of other Americans who are out of work.

Why did this happen? Because politicians in Washington decided what kind of light bulb we should use. In 2007, a so-called “energy conservation measure” passed by Congress set standards that basically banned the manufacture of incandescent light bulbs by 2014 (a mere 4 years from now).

The politicians theorized that banning incandescent bulbs would force factories to begin making compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) instead. The end result would be that every home in America was more energy efficient whether they wanted to be or not! Ha! What a perfect plan, right?

It didn’t quite work out that way (which only comes as a surprise in DC). See, it’s much more expensive to make CFLs, because the twisted spiral glass tubes require more hand labor. What kind of hand labor do you figure would be making those bulbs? How about…union labor! What is union labor? Expensive! So if you were GE what would you do? Make them in China for a fraction of the cost? Ha, so would I.

Of course the government could interfere once again and simply force companies to make the light bulbs here, right? I’m sure unions would f*cking love that. But then increased cost of making the bulbs would be passed on to consumers causing light bulbs to become ridiculously expensive. Since the old bulbs are banned, if you’re unable to afford the pricey new light bulbs you’re going to be eating by candle light.

This is what happens when the government sticks their snout into everything. If the politicians would’ve left our f*cking light bulbs alone in 2007 those 200 workers plus thousands of others just like them would still be employed.

We need to put the brakes on the out-of-control environmental movement. Think about that when you  cast your vote this November.

Originally posted at The Hot Joints