MSNBC Shreds Obama Address, Uses Racist Code Words

It’s possible that I’m just having an acid flashback from college, but I think Keith Olbermann, Leg Tingles, and Howard Fineman trashed Obama’s address.

Assuming this is not in fact an acid flashback on my part, this marks the first time since the election that MSNBC has NOT run cover for this administration. Frankly, this is bigger news than the oil spill.

Did they get new management over there or something? What the hell is going on?

Click the link above and see for yourself.

While I was watching that clip something kept nagging at me that I really think should be discussed.

I know they say Obama’s speech sucked because it lacked specifics, but I get the feeling having a black man in The White House is what’s really bothering them. They seem unwilling to accept that America is a more diverse society now and people of color have every right to run this nation.

When Matthews said he heard “ a lot of meritocracy, a lot of blue ribbon talk” I think that was code for calling the president “uppity.”

How can MSNBC allow that kind of racism to stink up the airwaves? I for one am outraged.

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