Joe The Plumber Becomes Tommy ‘The Machine’ Gunn

Joe Wurzelbacher aka Joe The Plumber was thrust into the national spotlight during the last presidential election when he asked Obama about taxes, to which Obama famously said it’s good to “spread the wealth around”.

Joe became an unlikely champion of average Americans and even went on the road with the McCain campaign. Joe went from being an unlicensed plumber to being a media star. He was booked on all the best shows, became a correspondent for Pajamas Media, and even “wrote” a book.

Fast forward to today and the plumber turned political pundit is bitter and angry. He now says McCain “used” him and really screwed his life up.

He also said angrily that he no longer supports Sarah Palin because she’s planning to campaign for John McCain. “He’s no public servant”, Joe says of McCain.

Keep in mind Joe said all of this during a speech endorsing state Representative Sam Rohrer at his Mobilize for Liberty event in Harrisburg.

Rohrer is allegedly one of more than 200 politicians seeking Joe The Plumber’s endorsement, of which he’s only backing five so far.

Yet, when it was pointed out to Joe that he would be a big fat nobody if it weren’t for John McCain and Sarah Palin he said, “I don’t owe him sh*t. He really screwed up my life is how I look at it.”

I’m not sure how becoming a coveted endorsement of more than 200 politicians and having national media access has screwed up Joe’s life, but I guess I’ll have to take his word for it.

It seems to me that Joe has let his newly acquired fame go to his head. He reminds of the Tommy Gunn character in Rocky V. Like Gunn, Joe The Plumber is biting the hand that fed him.

I’m no fan of John McCain, but I’m a big fan of loyalty. I’m a big fan of remembering the people who got you where you are. I believe in dancing with the one that brung you.

I respect Sarah Palin for supporting John McCain. They may have differing political philosophies, but she’s not going to throw the man who took a chance on her under the bus. That’s the way people with class treat their friends. Furthermore, John McCain was a strong voice against ObamaCare — even if he was wrong on immigration and interrogation.

Joe doesn’t have to support John McCain, but he doesn’t have to publicly trash him either. Joe is acting like the hobo you give $20 bucks to and as you’re walking away he hits you over the head and takes your wallet. I may not like phony Conservatives like John McCain, but I really don’t like arrogant, backstabbing punks.

Joe doesn’t owe John McCain sh*t, but Joe wouldn’t have sh*t if it weren’t for John McCain and he would do well to remember that little fact.

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