Steve Schmidt’s War On Palin Is No Surprise

The chattering class in Washington is buzzing about former McCain campaign honcho Steve Schmidt attacking Sarah Palin on “60 Minutes.”

Schmidt addressed some of the behind-the-scenes “revelations” in the newly released book Game Change about the 2008 election. It’s the same book that brought us the Harry Reid “negro dialect” remark.

As Politico points out, it’s unprecedented for a former campaign strategist to so publicly tear down the very candidate he tried to build up just a few months prior.

The funny thing is that almost every single so-called revelation in the book Game Change involving Palin, was addressed by Palin herself in her own book, Going Rogue.

Even before all the votes were tallied and Obama declared the winner, cowardly anonymous aides began smearing Palin in the press.

The media chortled as reports that Palin was a “whack job” and a “diva” began leaking out. We heard how Palin was a nightmare to manage and unlike her public face was angry and hostile in private.

The list of despicable smears against her emanating from the McCain camp post-election are too numerous to name.

Schmidt’s reasons for going after Palin go way beyond anger over his portrayal in her book, however. Just as many on the left do, Schmidt fears Palin.

He all but said it on “60 Minutes.” He picked her at the last minute to run for VP with McCain, but didn’t intend on her becoming a political force in her own right. He figured she would serve her purpose and then go back to Alaska and never be heard from again.

Steve Schmidt is an establishment Republican. He’s a progressive cloaked in GOP attire just like John McCain and so many others. Establishment Republicans want candidates who will go along to get along and play the Washington dance.

Schmidt’s worst nightmare is for a true Conservative like Sarah Palin to sweep in and throw the phony Republicans out on their ass.

Real Conservatives like Palin are a mortal threat to the big spending, government expanding, corrupt, phony Republicans that currently hold power in the GOP.

Palin is despised by Republicans and Democrats alike from Alaska to Washington. She doesn’t give a damn if you have an (R) by your name if you act just like a (D).

You can expect more attacks on Palin as we get closer to 2012 from the phony elitist “intellectuals” within the party like David Brooks, and establishment GOP cronies and hacks like Steve Schmidt.

The McCain campaign was horribly managed. It was amateur hour throughout the whole damn race. As chief strategist, Steve Schmidt is to blame for that. His strategy sucked and everyone in Washington knows it.

I wouldn’t hire Schmidt to run a campaign for the local PTA. He’s a know-it-all jerk who in reality doesn’t know dick.

Originally posted at The Hot Joints