Obama Needs To Replace The System Not The Personnel

Ever since the failed airline bombing on Christmas, Democrats and Republicans have been howling about “holding people accountable” for the intelligence failure. Republicans in particular have been all over cable news criticizing Obama for not firing someone yet. I’m a little surprised at the GOP in particular for missing the mark so badly on this. Yeah, I’m all in favor of firing the individuals whose failure to act directly contributed to this incident. However, the larger issue goes way beyond firing certain people and assigning blame.

If President Obama replaced the entire DHS leadership tomorrow we would be in the same exact predicament. It’s the culture at our various agencies that is the problem. It’s a failure of leadership by President Bush and to a larger degree President Obama for creating that culture.

What’s worse, we have the most pathetic attorney general in our nation’s history during the most dangerous time in our nation’s history. Eric Holder is the kind of jerk you expect to see running things in a place like Denmark. Every single politician from either party who voted for his confirmation should never work in government again. Their judgement is simply too flawed for them to be trusted with the awesome responsibility of creating our laws.

Political correctness permeates every level of bureaucracy at the FBI, CIA, DHS, and every agency in between. Our entire national security strategy is to give the appearance of security in the hopes that our enemies won’t call our bluff and try something. Guess what, our bluff was called.

What they call “airport security” is carefully choreographed theater to make us all believe we’re safe and the government is doing everything it can to protect. That was bullshit before 9/11, bullshit after 9/11, and continues to be bullshit as I write this. Oh, and it will be bullshit even if Obama gets thrown out of office and a republican administration takes over.

We simply lack the will and frankly the balls to do what is necessary to keep this country safe. Really making our airports secure will require us to hurt some people’s feelings. It will require suffering through hysterical op-ed’s in the NY Times and lawsuits from the ACLU.

Above all what we need is a president willing to admit who the enemy is and what their real motivations are. A president who can understand that closing Gitmo and unclenching his/her fist is not going to deter an enemy motivated by religious fanaticism. Our enemy believes that he is doing God’s work by killing us and his reward for doing that work is a guaranteed place in heaven (flanked by 72 virgins). You cannot reason with an enemy like that. He will keep attacking until he’s dead, you’re dead, or both.

Our enemy dresses like us and acts like us in the hopes of staying under the radar until he’s ready to start killing. Our answer to this must not be to randomly select every 25th or 48th passenger for secondary screening and hope we get lucky. We cannot work from the premise that taking off more articles of clothing or bringing less stuff on an airplane will fool our enemy into believing it’s impossible to beat our security. Someone on a mission from God will do whatever it takes to be successful. Don’t forget, there’s a place in heaven on the line here.

The only way to stop an enemy like that is to recognize the one thing all the terrorists have in common and start from there. I’m of course talking about Islam. What we know for sure about our enemy is that he or she is a Muslim. You start with that fact and put together a screening or dare I say “profiling” system built around that premise. The Israelis have this system down to a science. It runs like an efficient, well oiled machine. The occasional passenger may get offended from time to time or a bruised ego, but in the end everyone stays alive. There is not an illusion of security on an Israeli airplane, a series of stupid human tricks designed to make you feel safe.

Instead, your personal safety is a non-issue. You are certain of your security, because the people in charge know who the enemy is watch for them. Should the profiling system fail for whatever reason (it hasn’t yet) you have nothing to fear, because a highly trained air marshal is on every flight. The Christmas bomber would have been shot dead before he could light the fuse. The Israeli system is so good that no terrorist has even made an attempt to breach it. That’s saying a lot considering the only thing our enemy loves more than dead Americans are dead Jews (even more so in some cases).

It’s time to stop worrying about the small vocal minority of left-wingers who decry “profiling” and start getting serious about security. This is not a joke. This is not about hurt feelings or not offending this group or that group. This about life and death. This is about protecting our way of life from a fanatical enemy bent on our destruction.

Originally posted at The Hot Joints